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Hello Stranger,
Welcome to our happy place!

Liquid Butter is a project that extends the ethos of Paris Butter but in“liquid” form. The focus is on creating a drink experience, similar to our dining one, that pushes the envelope of the expected. Prepare to taste things you may have never seen in drinks before, we hope you like it as much as we do! The Menu is carefully broken down into sections showcasing a specific ingredient in multiple ways.
Feel free to ask us for advice!

Paris Butter Team



Paris Butter Classics

A few of our staples that will always be around when you need ‘em!

Connemara Coffee (Hot & Cold) - Whiskey, nitro coffee, floral honey, spiced cream $18
Paris Butter “Bubbles” - Gin, pulp syrup, grape juice, citrus oil $16
Clover Mule - Seedlip, East Imperial Ginger Beer, Creole - Non-Alcoholic $12
Trellis Highball - Seedlip Garden, East Imperial Grapefruit Soda, Habanero $12


Until recently, the persimmon was a relatively unknown and an unaccessible fruit, we call on the persimmon for what really lies under the skin, the focus is its earthy and tropical profile alongside its beautiful sweet and sumptuous nature

Hybrid Nectar - Shrub, Yuzu, Terroir, Floral Honey, Mint $16
Fu-yu Mungo - Malt, Persimmon Honey, Creole, Citrus oil $16


the plant that, in most cases, is the fundamental culinary ingredient, We focus in on Garlic’s acids, sweetness And overall flavor & how this could be lent to drinks

Rickey Clover - Cane, Flesh Wine, Citrus, Bitters, Elderflower $16
Contadino - Grain, Bruto, Garlic Fizz, Hay Wine $16

The Humble Potato

there a few things in life we take more for granted than the humble potato, the diversity of texture and flavours we can take from potatoes can be emphasised by how we treat them

Southie - Grape, Grain, Soured Tatties, Bitters, Skins $16
Jicama Soda - Starch, Agave, Green Pepper, Butter Soda $16


Paris Butter “Exclusive Brew” by Tuatara on Tap - $10
Urbanaut Miami Brut Lager - $8
Liberty Divine Wind Lager - $10
Deep Creek Lotus Pale Ale - $10
Zeffer Green Apple Cider - $10
Rocky Knob Undie’s Session IPA 2.5% - $8


Clos Marguerite, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 2018 $16/80
Tony Bish Heartwood Chardonnay, Hawkes Bay 2018 $19/$95
Libiamo, Field Blend, Gisbourne 2017 $20/$105
Château Blaignan, Cru Bourgeois, Médoc, Bordeaux 2015 $20/$105
Rock Ferry, Trig Hill, Tempranillo, Central Otago 2015 $21/$115
Redmetal Basket Press, Syrah, Hawkes Bay 2018 $21/$115

Sodas & Softs

Badoit Sparkling - $12
Antipodes Still 1L - $12
East Imperial Range - $6
Karma Cola/Lemmy Lemonade - $5
Juice - Green Apple, Orange, Tomato - $6