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Lyn's Almond Meringue

Lyn's Almond Meringue by Chef Nick Honeyman

Christmas is all about memories and family. This recipe from Nick Honeyman is inspired by a cake his mom made growing up. It is absolutely delicious and the texture is both chewy & crunchy. The perfect, easy recipe to impress your guests or to bring as a little gift. Enjoy!


6 Egg whites, cold
145g Sugar
200g Dark chocolate
200g Almonds


  1. Preheat oven to 190C (conventional) and grease 8inch pan.

  2. Chopp almonds and chocolate

  3. In a kitchenaid start beating the whites at low speed until they are foamy, add salt to speed up whipping and help to stabilize the whites. Move on to medium/medium-high speed until the whites form soft, rounded peaks. Gradually add the sugar.

  4. With a spatula gently fold under the almonds and chocolate.

  5. Fill mixture in greased pan and bake at 190c for 10 min. Reduce temperature to 120C and bake for 30min. Test cake with clean knife or wooden pick.

  6. Let cool down and dust with icing sugar or cocoa to serve.